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Insulating foams

PE foam profiles for improved insulation values

We further improve the U-values of aluminium composite systems by adding our insulating foams to the thermal partitions. This results in intelligent material combinations.

Our closed-cell insulating foams offer you the opportunity to further improve your products as a result of the different qualities. You are not limited in terms of design with
the insulating foams because of our patented cutting process. We are also happy to take on your assembly work, such as cut-outs, blanks or self-adhesive finishes.
We can also produce halogen-free, organicbased and high temperature resistant insulating foams. As well as foams to your specific requirements.


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a variety of shapes

  • Our patented process permits undercuts and complex geometries
  • Solid, round and tubular material
  • Metal foil lamination to provide reflection, thus improving the heat transfer coefficient
  • Cut-outs or blanks
  • Perforation to adapt or separate the PE foams
  • Hot-melt adhesive tape as an additional fixing aid




  • λ-rated values between 0.031 and 0.038 W/(mK)
  • Density of 25 to 120 kg/m³ depending on the quality
  • Flame retardant in accordance with DIN EN 13501 class E
  • CFC and HCFC-free
  • Recyclable
  • Exempt from labelling – not classified as dangerous goods
  • Fine, regular and closed cell structure


PE foam: for all common applications – a versatile product that you can rely on.

Bio-  -PE foam: pE foam made from renewable raw materials.

Isoflex foam: extremely high resilience specifically designed for winding applications.

HFPE foam: halogen-free pE foam developed for applications and construction projects that are subject to stringent environmental requirements. 

HT foam: our hT foam can be inserted into the area between the thermal partitions before the powder coating or anodising because of its high temperature and chemical resistance. our hT foam can also be inserted into thermally insulated aluminium systems that have already been rolled due to its rigidity.


Forms of delivery

  • Rolled in a cardboard box
  • Wound continuously on large coils
  • Cut to length by the metre
  • Small parts as bulk goods
  • Special designs on request


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