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Sustainability is a development that meets the needs of the present generation
without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


It is therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy.  Successful sustainability management safeguards our future and increases the value of our company. We therefore understand added value in a comprehensive sense and measure the success of our business activities not only by the financial figures but also on our social acceptance. Our sustainability strategy includes not only sociocultural aspects but is also reflected in the economic and ecological activities of our company.


The basic idea is to bring people, space and the environment into harmony by protecting the environment and promoting people's well-being. A responsible approach to energy and the environment are aspects that are just as important to our everyday work as quality. This is where GARGIULO's sustainable corporate culture comes into play.




Active quality, energy, environmental and occupational health and safety management are important elements of the sustainability strategy at GARGIULO. This is reflected in all departments of GARGIULO GmbH – from the procurement of raw materials and development and production to logistics and disposal. The main goal here is to ensure the highest standards with all products and services in all departments and processes. This not only avoids errors, but also achieves continuous improvements in all products and processes.



GARGIULO sets high quality standards with its zero-error strategy for its employees and work processes as well as for materials and production facilities in order to be able to offer high-quality and individual products. We can monitor all production phases ourselves by having in-house production almost entirely from the raw material to the finished product. Our processes and products are continuously improved in our in-house quality assurance department, for example with production monitoring around the clock as well as material testing and product testing in our own laboratory and production facility. All products naturally meet the special national and international standards, such as RAL in Germany, CSTB in France and ATG in Belgium. GARGIULO also had its quality management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015 in 2017. In this way, we can always maintain our products and services at the highest technological standard and execute orders in a timely manner.

The in-house quality management and quality assurance department plans and develops ongoing quality-assurance measures, such as the organisational sequence of production testing, test schedules, test equipment as well as the planning of the complete documentation. The quality assurance department also continuously monitors the products in the manufacturing process and documents test results. This not only increases the order book and lowers the sources of errors, but has also led to us being able to reduce the complaints costs by more than half and the complaints by two-thirds since the department was set up in 2009.




GARGIULO began to establish its own energy management system in 2013 in order to identify the potential savings in the company and therefore continuously improve the energy efficiency in the long term. The energy management system was successfully certified according to ISO 50001 in 2014. Consequently, GARGIULO makes an important contribution to protecting our environment. We are proud that our employees are trained to take a more responsible approach to using the limited natural resources on our Earth. We can therefore continuously develop new energy-saving solutions and identify new potential savings. In addition, GARGIULO participates in regional energy-saving projects.



GARGIULO does not shy away from any measures that are conducive to protecting the environment. To this end, an environmental management system was implemented and initially certified successfully according to ISO 14001 in 2017. The respective national, statutory and regulatory provisions for this are deemed to be minimum requirements. GARGIULO therefore tests all of its products with respect to their entire life cycle in order to preserve and recycle the valuable products in an optimum material loop. The use of recycled materials plays a role here that is as important as the potential 100 percent recyclability. All employees are continuously encouraged to use the raw materials carefully in order to achieve minimal waste. This reduces the incoming and outgoing waste and also the energy impact on the company's own waste grinders.



The health and safety of our employees and customers, as well as our social responsibility vis-à-vis the public are a matter of great importance in our company. Our employee responsibility is the result of our long-term human resources policy. The focus of our human resources management is on the encouragement and qualification of our employees. Their competence and motivation have a decisive role in achieving our goals.

GARGIULO demonstrably complies with the statutory directives on occupational health and safety and regularly conducts in-house health and safety training. Consequently, GARGIULO makes a significant contribution to in-house safety and preserves the health of its employees. Furthermore, GARGIULO obligates its employees to comply with the requirements of laws, standards and directives in order to ensure the welfare of our customers and business partners, our employees and the environment.



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